Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Transfers. *No Group Email this week*

Hey Mom! Everything is going good here! Yesterday we didn’t do anything terribly exciting to celebrate the 4th other than just go to pick up the new missionaries. We got 7 new ones! A few from Utah.
I am still pretty nervous but I think I am getting the hang of things. Its gonna be interesting and I hope that I will be able to be effective! I am excited! We do have our own area which is lucky because that would be really hard not to have your own area to work! I have been able to already learn a lot from President Olsen I am excited for the next few months!!

I am glad I was able to learn from Elder Steffensen and be with him for a week. Elder Beckstrom and I are gonna be awesome! He reminds me of Adam. He is awesome! We both love sports and have a lot of the same views of things its gonna be awesome!  Hahaha he is so cool and funny. He says thank you and thanks for raising a wonderful son and Go BYU! 

Today we have just been at the church waiting. We have been trying to get all the missionaries in their new areas and now we are just with the departing missionaries.!

We have MLC this week that we still have to plan that all out... It’s been hot and sweaty but it has been alright!

Thanks for the packages they were great!! I was going to ask you if you could send me some of the nike golf pants so that was an inspired package so thank you!!!:) They are awesome and so much more comfortable than regular pants. If anyone ever asks you what to get for a mission tell them golf pants. They are the best!!!  Could you send some Khaki ones?  I like the modern fit if that helps or anything. They are seriously the best haha. Thank you for sending me some!
Dinner at Mission Home!

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