Monday, July 11, 2016

Teaching MLC

This week was good.

Elder Larsen

Just kidding, we did have a good week though! Things are going well for us here! We made it through transfer week luckily. Everything went smoothly and we got everyone in their new areas and stuff. It was stressful but good!!!:) Last week we were in the office from 10:30-6:00 everyday helping with transfers. It was really cool to see how it all worked!  Monday-Wednesday we were hanging out with the new and the old missionaries. We got fed 6/7 days at the mission home and that was pretty good! On Wednesday when we took the old missionaries to the airport it was the weirdest thing ever. We stood there and watched them walk through security and then they all turned around and waved goodbye to us. It was sad haha. Later that night we were able to meet President and Sister Olson’s daughter Michelle. She was here visiting them. We also finished planning for MLC. 
Elder Steffensen leaving for Home.

Sisters and Elders

Elder Steffensen, Beckstrom and I at Airport.

MLC was super stressful because we had to teach it and based on the week we only had like a few hours to prepare what we were going to teach. So I was pretty worried. We ended up having an Elder come up to the front and spin around a bat blindfolded and then try and walk to find where I was standing at. Obviously he couldn’t. Then we did it again and had Elder Beckstrom lead him to find me. We did that to show the importance of stewardship calls and doing them out of love not out of obligation. So it went pretty well! We also had a fake meeting that we taught and I acted like I didn’t care the whole time and messed the whole meeting up it was pretty funny. 

Saturday and Sunday we were able to work which was nice. We are in the process of building the area back up because of the baptisms they had last transfer. We need to figure out how to keep it a continual flow instead of like a roller coaster. 

I am glad to be able to serve, I am learning a lot, and growing a lot as well. I am so grateful to be able to strengthen my own testimony.


Elder Larsen

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