Friday, July 7, 2017

The Beginning of the Lasts

Hello everyone!!!

This week we had the beginning of a few lasts. We had my last zone conference. It was a good meeting. We talked about how we can work with the members. Elder Suapaia and I had to be the members during a practice. I also got to bear my final testimony with a few other Elders in my zone that are going home. I didn’t cry so that is good. I also had my final interview with President Olson. I have enjoyed being able to serve under him, I have learned so much from him and Sister Olson. It was also my final fast Sunday. A member of the bishopric was texting us during the meeting trying to get me to go up and bear my testimony. I wasn’t going to do it because I have done it so much lately and you all know how much I like to draw attention to myself but then Elder Suapaia went up to the pulpit and called me out because the member bribed him!  So I got to bare my testimony there too! After Sacrament meeting everyone was asking me all about home and when I am officially leaving so that was great. just great. Thank you Elder Suapaia....... 

Overall we had a good week and were able to visit a lot of people! We are trying our best to work hard and find new people to teach the next couple weeks!

Thanks for all your support!
Love you all!
Elder Larsen

-Sundays at the Mays!
-Last Zone Conference!
-Elder Suapaia and I
-Elder Pierre-Louis and I
-Brother and Sister Veneble

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